On Writing and Dolphins

Just a brief posting to check in; I know it’s been a while.

I was recently getting some well-earned rest on Tybee Island, GA, where my husband and I were fortunate enough to have an ocean-view room. Our first morning there, I viewed the ocean from our room’s balcony, wondering if I’d see any dolphins. I had been to Tybee many times, and I’d often seen dolphins. This particular morning, however, I saw none.

That was okay, though. The waves still hit the shore, and the sun still shone. My morning was every bit as relaxing and rejuvenating as it would have been had I seen a dolphin, or even a pod of dolphins.

I realized that the dolphinless shore was an apt metaphor for my recent writing. Although the piece that I’m currently writing (working title: The Saddest but Best Thing I’ve Ever Written) is not going as well as I had hoped by this point, that too is okay. I may not end up with the outcome I desire (see working title), but maybe the endeavor isn’t about said outcome. The fact is, I love to write, and every time I write, my writing improves. I feel better when I write than when I don’t. Just as the shore’s value remains regardless of whatever is swimming in it, so does writing’s value remain regardless of what, if anything, ends up breaking through the surface.


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